Genting Casinos

Genting Casinos is a platform for gambling your fave online casino video. It is a member of the Genting Group, also referred to as Genting Berhard, which is widely known globally. Genting Group is incorporated in Malaysia, but has its headquarters and capital inside the United Kingdom.

For those outside the UK, there is GentingCasino.Com where anyone can play over 100 casino video games and wager virtually on sports like horseracing, soccer and tennis via GentingBet. Their website is easy to access and navigate, and you can in fact “play online” without signing up. They indeed offer an enjoyable and amazing gaming and playing experience as promised.

918Kiss Malaysia

This is another good platform for casino gaming. This is a group of casinos located chiefly in Malaysia for basically on things casino. In case you are not in Malaysia (and cannot be bothered to fly there), 918Kiss Malaysia has got you covered. They offer a free mobile software that you could easily download and sign up to begin to play (if you need information about how to go about this, please see earlier articles in which this has been explained). All you need to do here is download the app, ensure that it is installed on your device,  open it, sign in and start playing. It is that easy.

Comparison Between The Two Platforms

You will most probably be tempted to draw comparisons – which, between the two (Genting Casino and 918Kiss Malaysia) is more fun, easier to win, has the best games, etc. Well, in a way, it’s up to you. You win based on how well you know the game.

Both platforms provide casino services which involve gambling. Skill and understanding are required for betting and working, which influences just how well and how frequently a consumer might hit gold. For first time customers though, it is advised that you watch videos and read up on suggestions on how to play your game of choice before playing so that you can avoid huge losses.

Without further ado, let’s go through some of the differences.

1. Genting Casino offers the option for placing bets on other neighborhood sporting activities like tennis and horse racing with the provider “Genting Bet” while 918Kiss Malaysia does not.

2. For 918Kiss Malaysia, you need to download first the application bundle and carry out some minor tweaks for your cellular app settings to allow the installation of the Mobile App before you can have access to the complete experience. Whereas, Genting Casino actually allows you to simply go ahead and play online immediately.

3. Genting Casino may be accessed using any digital device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). 918Kiss Malaysia app is majorly configured to mobile users alone (iPhone and Android gadgets).


1. Top of this list is the fact that they both offer certified, impressive, trustworthy, secure and one of the best online casino gaming and gambling opportunities to every user. Also, you can be sure of no-stress account management, including protection of sensitive information like your credit card information and bank details.

2. So, in relation to the question of which is easier to play or win (or perhaps, that’s better or extra cost effective and all that), the answer can be said to be unique to each player – your knowledge of the sport, talent, understanding, knowing when to call your bluff, intuition, being comfortable, whatever it is that gives you the best gaming service, entertainment  and wins you are looking out for.