Find yourself wanting to gamble or play any casino games but can’t simply go to any casino? 918Kiss Malaysia is here for you.

The 918Kiss Malaysia has a casino game application that allows anyone to sign up, register, play any casino game of their preference against or with anybody from all around the world right on their device. Adding to the excitement is the fact that games are offered in real time and what this simply means is that you actually get to deal and place bets with real money and win real cash right back! What this means therefore, is that a user will have to have, as part of their registration, submitted their banking and credit card details as requested where necessary for deposits (placing bets) and withdrawals (cashing out your wins).

Step by step guide to register in 918Kiss Malaysia:

Step 1. Downloading the App.

1. Go to your device’s browser.

2. Type in the address box “918Kiss Malaysia”

3. Click “Go”

4. In the search results, look for the address “918kissmalaysia.app”

5. Click the address to open the website which then will redirect you to the download page.

6. Look for the download link that is compatible for your device. There are three links to choose from – Iphone 5 or 5-, Iphone 5s+ and higher, and Android.

7. Click on the download icon that fits or applies to your device.

8. There will be a pop up option, just click “download”

9. Once downloading is done, your phone might need some minor changes in setting to make the app work. Make necessary adjustments in the application settings if necessary.

Step 2. Signing up and Registration (add here the step by step guide in registering)




Goodluck and happy betting!